Office is Done (for now)

I finished painting the living room office other than touch up paint and stuff.


I also have a defined area for my desk and a future loungey area for my reading nook (once I get working on the closet).

I did realize I’ll need to redo my electronics once I redo my stereo cabinet. I want all the stuff to fit in there to keep things clean.

I also need some geometric patterned drapes in turquoise too. That wall is too plain right now.


The wall isn’t THAT yellow it’s evening so it shows up wonky on the camera.

Reworking the Office

I started on the office this weekend.

One of the things I had to do before painting was adding another 1×6 header to the sliding rail for the door. When I installed it earlier this year, I didn’t take into consideration that the door would hang at an angle and hit the trim every time I slid the door. Needless to say, I had the door opened most of the time.

I also painted the trim from Super White to Chantilly Lace since that color will go throughout the house.

So after adding the new wood piece, I thought I’d keep some of the turquoise. You might be able to see the pencil line I drew out. IMG_1478


It didn’t work so I quickly decided to use Lemon Ice through the entire office, leaving just the stenciled wall in turquoise.

IMG_1483 IMG_1484

What a difference.

It’s not all done. I’ll finish it out next weekend but I did get the door back up and it works! It hangs straight and doesn’t hit the trim now!

IMG_1486 IMG_1487 IMG_1485

See, not done yet but getting there. The room is definitely brighter. You can also tell that it isn’t bright white. 🙂


New color for the office

I’ve decided on a new color to replace Pewter in the office.

I’m keeping the turquoise but needed something lighter since the room is small and doesn’t get a whole lot of natural light.


I’m not quite sure how I’ll have the side walls. Currently the top half is turquoise while the bottom was Pewter – 50% less intensity and Pewter in a stenciled pattern.


My plan is to paint the back wall with the Lemon Ice and then figure the sides.

I also want to finish out the window too. Something similar to this.