Living Room (current and future plans)



I got my rug pad yesterday along with my larger area rug. I never had a need for them before with carpeted floors and then with the concrete subfloor but with my new hardwoods, I knew I wanted to protect them as much as possible.

I also wanted to layer area rugs down and bought this rug from one of the big box stores. Not bad for $149 and it is polypropylene that’s made to look like a jute rug.



Next I layered my zebra patterned rug over it (my Habitat Re-Store purchase for $109) before setting my furniture pieces back on. Years ago, I probably would never have gone with such a bold pattern as this but I LOVE it! It adds to the eclectic vibe. Sadly, I now need to figure out a couch because my current one is way TOO traditional for the room now.




I know ‘Future Couch’ will be a medium grey microfiber type fabric. I need something that is modern but has that retro vibe as well. For my accent chairs, I can go brighter and will probably do a velvet type material on the chair and ottoman with a similar color family for ‘Future Accent Chair 2’.

Possible colors range from turquoise to teal. I did think about a chartreuse-like color but I thought that was just too much but won’t be opposed to having an accent pillow with that color in it.

My liquor cabinet will need to be repainted and I’m thinking a high gloss reddish coral. When I build out my hall bench, it will be painted with the same color.

I am also going to look for a way to soften my existing roman shades by adding fabric over the dark bamboo.

This year, I will build out my fireplace mantel and add more pipe shelving.

That should keep me busy until I work on the other DIY ideas for the other rooms (next post).

Flooring Update

It’s nearly done! I’m definitely at the final stretch and I’m on track to complete before the new year. After taking a bit of a break until after Christmas, I started back up again on Thursday and Friday night. Thursday was a bit of a fail as I tried to use the last can of that expired glue. It started to set in about 30 minutes so I only managed 2.5 rows before giving up.

On Friday, I got a new can of glue and started back to work for about 2 hours. (excuse the mess)



On Saturday I looked at different nail guns and decided to go ahead and opt for one with an air compressor. The cordless ones were just too bulky for me to handle (and handle safely).



This came as a kit and worked really nicely. The air compressor was kind of small but since I’m slow, it filled up and the motor would shut off (my kitties appreciated that). I worked most of the moulding install with just the air that was already in the tank and installed the moulding on the TV wall last night.



Then, since the place was just too dang cluttered, I put my pipe shelving back up, opening a little more space.



One more item to show. I was out shopping today at Target and found this for 50% off since it was part of their holiday collection. Regular price was $19.99 so this was 10 bucks

IMG_2299 It has a tree motif which was perfect!



My new log bin! The basket was too close to the wood tones plus it was an open weave so stuff got through the bottom and I don’t want to scratch my new floors so soon. Especially after all the work I put into it. 🙂


Phase I of Fireplace Project Complete

So the first phase of the fireplace project is officially complete. Last week, I ran out of cement backer board and ended up buying a second sheet this week. I also removed the floor tiles on the sides and left it bare (eventually, before flooring, I’ll make sure it is level enough.

I left the slate in the hearth area as you can see below.

Fireplace Phase I


What I’m planning on doing is now instead of using Joint Compound to give that part of the wall a smooth finish, I’m going to be using a cement product. I got the idea from this site (there were some more cement type ideas too) and had contemplated doing the same thing but thought the JC would do the same job.

I ended up changing my mind because of the heat factor from the fireplace. It won’t get uber hot to melt the joint compound, at least I don’t think it would but still, since I opted for cement backer board, I thought using this Ardex stuff was the way to go. So yeah, I just placed an order for some Ardex SD-M on Friday. I’m getting the white cement and figured I could add a little bit of my Benjamin Moore Flora paint to it.

Here is another link that inspired me to use Ardex. This is from YouTube.

If you’re wondering about the slate that forms the hearth, my plan is to use that cement micro topping over it so it creates one uniform piece. If it works, it will be awesome because then I won’t have to worry about buying and laying tile. 🙂

The stuff should come in before next weekend so I’ll update more then.

The final piece will be the zinc. If all goes well, I should have a new fireplace before the end of July.


Vaulted Ceiling is DONE!

Final day of my ceiling project and I’m proud to say, I’m done.

I included a before pic (realtor photo) to show how it was when I first moved in.

I probably could have not done this marathon, crazy lady project work but I was really motivated to get rid of that popcorn stuff. Plus when I threw the primer/texture paint, it looked sort of blushy purple. Um, yeah…no.

The middle pic – I was nearly done and wanted to snap a pic before it got dark. -Like the last pic. And yes…I was lazy and didn’t want to disassemble the ceiling fan so I fashioned a drape over it. 🙂

I’m still not entirely done… as you can see from the last photo, I still need to touch up the walls and the side walls (non-vaulted sides) will be repainted to full strength Flora. Currently, it is 50% less intense. Painting the walls will be CAKE after this! LOL. The big TV won’t go up until that is done. (MOTIVATION!)

One thing I did realize when I got done was I probably need to rethink the flooring…at the very least, for the main living area. I need to do a bit lighter or else it’ll look like I live underground or something. 🙂

Oh, I also realized, from looking at the old listing photos that I had installed the vents backwards nearly 2 years ago when I spray painted them. WOW, what a difference in putting them the right direction!

Now for that yuck job of cleaning. :-/

Revamp of my Ceiling Fan

Celing Fan is COMPLETE!

This was my master bedroom ceiling fan. It was white and came with those frosted glass, bell shaped shades. I never used those and instead hung a home made, GIGANTIC drum shade to hide the downturn lights. 

As i finished out my office with the chandelier, I ended up switching out the ceiling fan for a smaller one knowing that I’ll end up replacing my current living room fan as I take down popcorn.

The first pic is/was the current fan – part monstrosity, part phallic symbol (?!) and very UGLY. It just brought down the whole room!

I finally took that down and it was a pain in the arse but it will find itself at the Habitat Restore soon. 

Meanwhile, I started to spray paint parts of the newer fan with Rustoleum’s Dark Steel – seriously, it is my go-to color now. My coworker likes their Oil-Rubbed Bronze and I had used it too until I discovered Dark Steel. 

I also thought of an artsy alternative to the stupid shades. My company is doing some renovations in the offices so a lot of office supplies were put in the “Free, Take Me” tables. Remember transparencies and overhead projectors? Totally dating myself but I used some for my idea. 

I borrowed the “marbled nail polish” technique for the clear plastic, opting for bold colors like the oranges and pinks with a little of the blues. I secured them with small brad thingies that are in the scrapbooking section of art stores and formed them into cones. 

After taking down the nasty popcorn and priming it, I painted a patch so I could mount the ceiling fan ASAP. LOL – yes, I’m impatient. 

Being on the fifth step of an 8ft step ladder is S-C-A-R-Y. More-so when one of the wood screws couldn’t go in with my regular drill. I had to use my impact one and the jarring really scared me. Eeps, I started sweating so bad!

I managed to get it up and wired up the downrod. Then made damn sure the thing was secure before adding the canopy. 

The next step was to hook up the wires from the motor part to the downrod. It used these funny connectors and I had to ask my neighbor for a crimping tool. (Thanks Brad!) 

Yeah, some people ask their neighbors for a cup of sugar, I ask for tools. 

Once that was done, I had to maneuver the motor part so it could hook onto the downrod.  

I turned the breaker back on after putting a lightbulb in. 



Finally added the fan blades and the rest of the bulbs and shades. 


Ceiling Project – Day 3

Ceiling – Day 3
You’re not mistaken in thinking my ceiling looks pink. It sort of is. For the primer coat I add painters sand to add just a little texture – the scraped ceiling isn’t completely smooth. So to compensate, I add just a little extra to the paint.

It also means I won’t waste the Benjamin Moore stuff :).

In the past, I have used the paint color the previous owner left. I knew I didn’t have quite enough for the entire ceiling so I bought a couple cans of oops paint. (Behr paint smells!)

My supervisors kept a close eye on me most of the afternoon.

Another thing about priming is to avoid the peeling like you see in the third pic. Luckily I had some plaster of Paris I bought for another project. I mixed some up and fixed the peeling paper.

I also decided to go ahead and paint the ceiling around the AC vents so I can have it on tomorrow. 🙂 I ended up using Dolphin. I personally think it is a chinchilla color – warm and rich. 🙂