Box Spring Cover


I ordered a bed last week and thought about some sort of mattress cover or something to hide the box spring.


I had used a dust ruffle for a while even though it didn’t really work with my last bed (sleigh style). The new bed was a panel bed which wouldn’t accommodate a dust ruffle either. Plus, with two cats, it got dirty QUICK.

I tried using a sheet and tucking the ends under but it never looked neat.

Searching the internet, I found that there were covers specifically made for box springs but they were a bit spendy and looked boring.

Of course then I looked at DIY sites for ideas. I found one that seemed interesting —using fabric, a staple gun, and some product to adhere to the top of the box spring.

So I went to one fabric store and found this in the home fabric section. I bought 2.5 yards just to be safe.


I cut out the fabric wide enough to cover the sides and at first, tried to use stitch tape for the top of the box spring. Big mistake because I sort of burned a couple holes from the iron. Since I didn’t have any fabric glue, I ended up using my trusty hot glue gun instead and first covered the corners before covering the sides.

What I forgot to do was post a before pic of the box spring but the pic below sort of works.



I did pay a price on the heat gun and that was the form of some nasty blisters. 😦 I was icing my fingers when I took the pic.



But it looked good once it was done and that was the important thing.


And when it peeks out from the bed:

IMG_4320 Not a bad color match :).


Oh and here’s the new bed since the other bed was used as a makeshift climber for the cats.


Repainted master bedroom

I finished repainting the fuchsia wall!

Here’s the before pic.


Here it is now. Paint is still drying in some spots as you can see.





I didn’t bother protecting the baseboards since I knew future bolding would cover it up.



Depending on how much flooring I end up with, this may or may not be the next room.


Master Bedroom Ceiling

I started my ‘accent ceiling’ this long weekend and got a small swatch done.


The color is Benjamin Moore’s Inspired but 50% less intense.

I knew I wasn’t going to finish this but wanted to get just enough to install my new ceiling fan and repaint the heating vent. Yep, I painted the blades the ceiling color so they won’t be so noticeable. The incandescent lightbulbs that came with cast a yellowy tint so I’ll end up with LEDs in the near future.

I just wanted the tough areas done first and then I’ll cut in and start painting when I need a flooring break.


Replaced new light

Home Improvement Project – part deux

My pull chain light in my closet quit on me Monday and I didn’t have time to deal with it until the weekend. 

I’d LOVE to have a regular switch light but that won’t be anytime soon. For now, it works.