I Love Lamp

My tension pole lamp is back!


I bought it several weeks ago on eBay but never tried it. It was, to be honest, really scary with wires sticking out. So I took it to a local lamp shop and just got it back today. It has new wiring, the tension spring works – the previous owner had McGivered it so it stood. I added some LED bulbs and violá!


Revamped “sunburst” Mirror (edited)

I bought this Ikea mirror about the time I got my house. It was what started my love for Mid-Century Modern.




What I really wanted was something with more spokes and of course, the idea would be a real MCM sunburst mirror. Instead, I ended up revamping my existing mirror last night. I was at Hobby Lobby and they had this candle holder (50% off) that had what I guess were supposed to be metal “branches” that formed a circle. I’ve seen somewhere on a blog where someone flattened it out and made their own mirror so I was going to go with that idea.

I couldn’t find a mirror for the middle and decided to see if I could combine it with my existing mirror.



This was after using the Chrome spray paint I bought for my credenza. Some of the spokes broke off when I flattened it out so I had to hot glue them to the back.

Around midnight, when it all dried, I HAD to hang it up. IMG_2071

I’ll add some small mirrors eventually to make it look more symmetrical.

I had played around with the looking glass paint on the mirror before and that is why some of it looks a little tarnished. A lot of it came off when I taped it off for the chrome. There is still just a hint of it to give it a retro vibe.

Updated 18 Nov


Mid-Century Table is Done!

I should have posted this last week but this table is done! Several coats of gloss paint and it is back in the office. I probably shouldn’t have stripped the old paint off and just primed and prepped it. I couldn’t get the bottom table glass smooth after. 😦

That was my biggest lesson learned in this project and will remember when I work on other pieces for this room. 🙂



IMG_1384 IMG_1385

Retro find!

I am now the happy owner of this table!

I saw it on Craigslist for $40 and ended up paying $30.

I don’t know if it is authentic mid-century modern but it has that retro look that will look awesome in my office.

I will need to re-paint and will keep the white but maybe use gloss finish for that glam feel.


Retro Stereo Console


Sears Solid State Stereo Console/Credenza/Sideboard – Via

This is sort of what I’m looking for.

Sofa Idea

It might not come from C&B but this is the style sofa I’m looking at. LOVE the tapered legs – totally screams MCM. I also want the tufted back and they would have to be attached…none of the loosey goosey type pillow backs. 

Regardless where I get the couch, I want a soft grey, faux suede (microsuede or whatever it’s called). For the decorative pillows, I’m seeing geometric pattern with either corals or teal blue. I’m thinking coral so I can do the throws in the teal color. 

But yeah, that’s my plan. I don’t think I’d do a sectional. As much as I want one, I also like the idea of moving stuff around. Sofa, loveseat and then something like an oversize chair with ottoman or a chaise that I can park near the fireplace when it gets cold. 

Sofa Idea

Idea for my Expedit Shelves

Shelving Idea

I have a couple Ikea Expedit units like the second pic and was going to line the entire wall with it. Then I saw the MCM look with the pipe fittings.

I think I can use my Expedits and have them supported on metal pipes and have them under my wide screen and then have pipe shelving around it. This way, I can build it as I go.

I think this will give a more modern twist to the classic Mid-Century Modern look.

I’ll try to use reclaimed materials as much as I can too.