Dining Chairs



I started on the dining chair project on New Year’s Day. I didn’t want to spend too much time at first so I chose 2 of the easiest to refinish.

First, I filled up some of the spots before sanding.



Then I added a quick coat of primer.



I set up a makeshift painting booth by standing up some cardboard I had. There was a brief moment when I was a little worried about the color. It isn’t unusual for me but I quickly remember paint dries darker and quit fretting. 😉



Later that night, I brought them into the house. Floyd and Puck inspected my work as I drooled over the color.



Friday, I got my rug pad and set up the table (finally). I think this will look really cool once it is done.





I haven’t decided on the fabric for the cushions yet. I have some ideas and of course, I could go back to black but I want to do something different, if possible. I also found a blog site that showed how to create a chair pad for the chair that currently doesn’t have one.


Mismatched Dining Room Chairs

Here is the before pic of the chairs before I go to work on them.



I’ve spent a grand total of $145 for all 6 so far. 😛 (not counting my quart of paint)

The 2 orange chairs are probably the oldest and will require the most work. I know I can definitely save one but I’m gonna do my best to save both because they are just really cool.

The one with the black cover was the first one and then the three other chairs, I bought for $100 on Saturday.

My plan is to work on them two at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself and I can take the time to do any necessary repairs.

The color of the chairs will be a dark teal color called Venezuelan Sea by Benjamin Moore (semi gloss, Advanced).



I am not sure of the chair cushion color but it won’t be vinyl. I’m thinking a microsuede fabric so I won’t get claw marks from the cats. 😉


Lessons Learned on Dining Chairs

I got these cool chairs a few years ago –

They had a really cool pattern and were somewhat comfy.

Fast forward to today, they’re not as comfy – you can feel the springs on the bottom. I shouldn’t have bought them online without sitting on them first.

Add to that, the kitties have torn up the fabric. The thought of reupholstering did come to mind but I’m not quite sure about the spring in the bottom cushion thing – it’s weird.

Since these chairs won’t last, I am going to slowly change them out and go the mismatched chair route. It will be less stressful than having to replace all 6 chairs at once AND I get to find cool chairs to mix and match.

I just wish I had thought of that earlier on in the game. The only thing I need to do is make sure the chairs are in proportion to the table.