Revamped “sunburst” Mirror (edited)

I bought this Ikea mirror about the time I got my house. It was what started my love for Mid-Century Modern.




What I really wanted was something with more spokes and of course, the idea would be a real MCM sunburst mirror. Instead, I ended up revamping my existing mirror last night. I was at Hobby Lobby and they had this candle holder (50% off) that had what I guess were supposed to be metal “branches” that formed a circle. I’ve seen somewhere on a blog where someone flattened it out and made their own mirror so I was going to go with that idea.

I couldn’t find a mirror for the middle and decided to see if I could combine it with my existing mirror.



This was after using the Chrome spray paint I bought for my credenza. Some of the spokes broke off when I flattened it out so I had to hot glue them to the back.

Around midnight, when it all dried, I HAD to hang it up. IMG_2071

I’ll add some small mirrors eventually to make it look more symmetrical.

I had played around with the looking glass paint on the mirror before and that is why some of it looks a little tarnished. A lot of it came off when I taped it off for the chrome. There is still just a hint of it to give it a retro vibe.

Updated 18 Nov



Office is Done (for now)

I finished painting the living room office other than touch up paint and stuff.


I also have a defined area for my desk and a future loungey area for my reading nook (once I get working on the closet).

I did realize I’ll need to redo my electronics once I redo my stereo cabinet. I want all the stuff to fit in there to keep things clean.

I also need some geometric patterned drapes in turquoise too. That wall is too plain right now.


The wall isn’t THAT yellow it’s evening so it shows up wonky on the camera.

New color for the office

I’ve decided on a new color to replace Pewter in the office.

I’m keeping the turquoise but needed something lighter since the room is small and doesn’t get a whole lot of natural light.


I’m not quite sure how I’ll have the side walls. Currently the top half is turquoise while the bottom was Pewter – 50% less intensity and Pewter in a stenciled pattern.


My plan is to paint the back wall with the Lemon Ice and then figure the sides.

I also want to finish out the window too. Something similar to this.


Retro find!

I am now the happy owner of this table!

I saw it on Craigslist for $40 and ended up paying $30.

I don’t know if it is authentic mid-century modern but it has that retro look that will look awesome in my office.

I will need to re-paint and will keep the white but maybe use gloss finish for that glam feel.


Color change – maybe

photo-1I’m thinking the Pewter color is too much when paired with the turquoise.

My first idea was to get another color – softer grey perhaps. Then I thought maybe I should paint the entire room turquoise and then do white and grey furniture.

That way the accessories like the chandelier and the cool door and stuff will stand out.

I might try that first and if it is too Smurfy, I’ll tone things down with grey paint. 🙂

Eventually, I’d love to get a faux fur rug in there and just glam things up. I think I’m on the right track.

NOTE – I changed the pic it wouldn’t appear I was going to change out the chandelier. I would actually say, the chandelier helps in creating that glam look I’m looking for.

New idea

If I find an old stereo console and it’s cheap, I’m buying it to repurpose into a credenza for my office.

I think it would be a cool piece to put my router and backup HD and still provide some storage. 🙂

Edited – I guess I also needed to add (mainly for my sake) that the legs of the piece is important. I want the tapered legs. It also means the thing can’t end up weighing a ton.