Goals for 2016

I can’t believe the year is almost over. I had wanted to finish the wood flooring in my master closet and then the guest room but that won’t happen this year.

My goals for the upcoming year are as follows:

  • Repaint guest room
  • Finish flooring
  • Convert pull chain light in master closet to an actual switch light (need an electrician)
  • Repaint/revamp foyer area
  • Replace rest of windows (not DIY but $$ and therefore needs to be planned)
  • Temporary or permanent solution for flooring in corridors

If time/budget permits:

  • Design master closet for optimum space
  • Plan outdoor space (front and back), xeriscape as much as possible—maybe leaving a small patch of grass under tree.

I think those are pretty reasonable goals for the upcoming new year. 🙂

I think I’m Going with this Fireplace Idea

I think I’ve finalized my fireplace idea!

I’ve been coming up with ideas that would update the fireplace and posted a lot of ideas. I think I’ve come up with the best idea that isn’t too costly either.

When I started really doing research on updating “the memorial”, I saw ideas similar to this. For me to actually reface it with new doors, louvers, etc, it probably would have been spendy (several hundred upwards to the thousand dollar range). That wasn’t including tile or anything.

While looking at ideas for a fireplace mantel, as I mentioned earlier, I realized the idea of using a barn beam or a reclaimed beam, wasn’t going to fit the style I was going for (the concrete-ish textured wall). So last night I started to look for metal mantels.

Somehow I started to look at making my own with either copper or zinc. Copper wouldn’t work because of the colors but it is a beautiful metal. Plus, it looks like it wouldn’t require a lot of special tools to work with as you can see from this website.

Zinc is pretty cool and can be patinated. (learned that word today) It also looks as though it can be sanded out if the look isn’t what you’re expecting and start over.  Below is a 2 part video on some different techniques.



It looks so damn cool and because it is light, I wouldn’t need a whole lot of special fasteners.

After posting my last entry updating my planning progress, I came up with the idea of creating a frame using zinc-wrapped plywood attached onto the fireplace (Top Pic). I was planning on using high-heat flat black on the existing metal frame but now I could add some oomph by having a patina zinc frame.

So what about the mantel? I am going to go without. As one of my coworkers said, having a mantel with this metal work would detract from the actual piece. Plus, with my pipe shelving, I’d have plenty of room for knick-nacks.

Just to play it up even more, the 2nd pic shows an artsy addition to the frame. It would be a thin (maybe 3/8”) zinc wrapped plywood that would float over the frame. I’ll end up using spacers and maybe a different cupric sulfate (CuSO4 for you chemistry geeks) application.

This would mean the only part that would be tiled would be the hearth and now with the metal framing, I’d be going with a simpler design for the floor. Nothing that would detract from the beauty of the metal.

So yeah, this would still require some work and patience but I feel like I’m getting something I would really LOVE instead of settling for something better than what I currently have.

If I can get less than perfect Zinc sheets (they have scuff marks or dings which would add character to the pieces), I’d save money on the whole design.

Planning on the fireplace

So my idea for using a reclaimed beam for my mantel might not match the rest of the house.

I’m now looking at a metal mantel. Zinc maybe? I am not going to use new stainless steel because it would be too shiny and new.

I was thinking patinated/rustic steel but that might be too heavy even though I love that look.

Copper would be cool especially with some patina.

Zinc looks malleable enough that I could make this mantle myself and it can be manipulated to look aged. Plus it is fairly light compared to steel.

I’ll continue to look around.

I am still trying to find the right medium for texturing the fireplace wall. I want a relatively smooth surface with rough patches done on purpose – like poured cement.

As far as the actual fireplace, I will probably sand and repaint it a flat black. I like the idea of refacing it but that is a little pricey.