My current projects

I will be starting my popcorn project tomorrow. 

At the same time I’m scraping that stuff off, I’ll be finishing up on spray painting the ceiling fan. 

Also, since my Expedit units are detached from the wall, I’m going to be beginning the pipe shelving idea. I even have a list of plumbing supplies I’ll be buying tomorrow when I go to grab paint. 

While I’m not starting it this weekend, I am still looking at fabric. I actually went to fabric stores today and looked/touched different materials. Sadly, I think all the cute stuff I had been drooling over won’t work. I need a canvas type material for durability and be Floyd and Puck resistant. 

It wasn’t exactly what I was initially looking for…a coral & teal print, I love the design. It’s modern and retro at the same time. PLUS, the price isn’t right. Hopefully they’ll have enough for me to buy. 

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll be blogging the progress this weekend. 🙂

Painted My Ceiling (Virtually)

Playing with the Benjamin Moore “Color My Room” tool and WHOA. I might not go THAT dark but I kinda like the idea of a non-white ceiling. 

It totally adds drama. 

This was Black Panther. The color isn’t true because a Flora ceiling should have been seamless on the wall but it wasn’t. 

Musing about My Ceiling

Vaulted ceiling

Since I’ll be removing the popcorn later this month, I started to think about the paint color.

Should I go with the white all over?

Should I paint the beam a different color?

Should I paint the entire ceiling a different color than white?

I don’t think I could go wrong with any of the answers though I am, dare I say it, liking the third option and do a dark color.

It would work with the high ceilings and probably hide a lot of the potential flaws from scraping.

Would it flow though since the rest of the house has white? I think since there are breaks/partitions, it could potentially work?

I think I know where I need to go this weekend. Sanders, I hope you have some ideas.

To Depopcorn or Not to Depopcorn

That, has been the million dollar question. 

I was going to rent scaffolding and a sprayer to paint the ceiling because it would hopefully soften the popcorny look and make it look less dingy and grey. 

Since I would need to get the scaffolding regardless (vaulted ceilings, up to 14’ I believe) and paint, regardless, I was thinking of whether or not I just want to half-ass my way and just apply paint over the stuff or take down popcorn and smooth things out. 

I know there will be imperfections, they were there in all the ceilings I took down last year. BUT, it will look better and with the paint I use, it will be ultra flat white. 

So yeah, while it will be harder work, I’d be happier with the end result. Kitties might not like being sequestered but they won’t want to be walking on wet, icky plaster crap either. 

I think my project plate has grown once again. I have a list that will, no doubt, keep me busy. 

Dining room – before and after

Dining Room Project

This was another room I began and then went back to take down popcorn. The first thing I did was take down the original light fixture and replaced it (my first real foray into electrical). Lamp is from Lowes and I’m using LED bulbs on a dimmer switch (that I added). 

Then I painted with Benjamin Moore Flora. 

Next was taking down the popcorn and this was really when I used that bead of caulk between the ceiling and the walls. It made everything pop even more and help hide some of the scrape marks I made from depopcorning. 

Most recently I went back and updated the electrical switches and outlets but that will be another entry. 

Finally I got the table and moved the liquor cabinet around a bazillion times. 

I still need chairs which I might look at next weekend. 

Some (relatively) quick fixes

So when I bought the house, there were TONS of track lighting. HOT track lighting (and not in a good kind of way) with halogens. Track lighting in the living room and in the hallway. So I decided to take them down (after I painted the hall) and as I removed them, I decided to take down the popcorn too. 

Yes so that is how it all began. Here are some of the before and after pics. 


1. Do not paint walls before depopcorning. 

2. Not all ceiling paints in white is really white. I’ve found Benjamin Moore – Waterborne paint and that is a beautiful, brilliant white. (Thanks Sanders!)

3. Have caulk handy just in case (I’ve been putting a bead of it at the joint where the ceiling and walls meet.

4. Prime the ceiling with some sand for texture and make DAMN SURE it is fully dry before putting on the BM paint.