2014 Goals for the Rest of the House


  • add hardwoods
  • refinish some retro cabinets to add to the wall for storage
  • find and refinish a desk

Spare Bath

  • figure out a color scheme
  • find a vanity

Master Bedroom

  • add hardwoods
  • add sliding barn door to bathroom
  • look for nightstands to refinsh
  • paint door for master closet and add mirror before hanging up, barn door style
  • (possibly) new door and fixture to bedroom

Spare Bedroom

  • find non-faux woodgrain closet doors to replace existing ones
  • convert from bifold doors to French door style
  • (possibly) hardwoods (they’ll be ordered for sure though)


  • decide on ‘future tile’
  • solarize more of my yard in my goal to xeriscaping it
  • organize my garage

That should keep me busy 🙂


Next major project

I think will need to be flooring. The living room carpet looks horrible with paint splotches and I’m sure there is plaster dust from the depopcorning a couple weekends ago too.

Besides that, the kitties like to paw and claw at the edges since the carpet wasn’t installed right. 

Right now, I’ve taped down some areas with anything from packing tape to Hello Kitty “duck” tape. (stayin’ klassy there)

So yeah – I’ve been doing more research on options. I had been set on stranded bamboo but then started to read up more on the product. I realized that some of them have resins made of formaldehyde. So I am back to shopping for the right type of flooring.

This means I probably won’t be going to some of the discount flooring stores. This also means I’ll be spending a little more on flooring to get something without the VOCs and stuff. 

It needs to be harder than oak with no glues or resins made with harmful chemicals. I’m not dead set on handscraping now either. I think that might be too trendy. 

Ideally, I want a floor that I could use throughout the whole house. (Well, everywhere I want to add wood flooring to. So it can’t be too dark due to the painted, living room ceiling and I don’t want it too light (like that natural bamboo color). 

I’m also re-visiting the idea of using reclaimed wood as flooring. 

I have a really rough estimate now so I know what to expect price wise.

In the meantime, I’ll work on smaller (less expensive) projects. 

Salvage Places

Looking around online today, I discovered a couple more places I need to check for salvaged/vintage/antique doors. I’ll start my search this Saturday, maybe after I throw a coat of paint on one of my existing doors.

This will probably be a project I’ll work on throughout the year because I need to find the right door. The place in North Austin, Backyard Salvage and Garden has them but they’re a bit spendy. 

I’ll check the other two places. It will definitely be the master bath (solid door) and office (door with glass). If I can find two identical solid doors, I might consider using it for the master closet too.

The hardware will be affordable – tractor supply store will have stuff and I’m sure Ace hardwares will too. 

First step is looking for the door and bringing it home. 🙂

To Depopcorn or Not to Depopcorn

That, has been the million dollar question. 

I was going to rent scaffolding and a sprayer to paint the ceiling because it would hopefully soften the popcorny look and make it look less dingy and grey. 

Since I would need to get the scaffolding regardless (vaulted ceilings, up to 14’ I believe) and paint, regardless, I was thinking of whether or not I just want to half-ass my way and just apply paint over the stuff or take down popcorn and smooth things out. 

I know there will be imperfections, they were there in all the ceilings I took down last year. BUT, it will look better and with the paint I use, it will be ultra flat white. 

So yeah, while it will be harder work, I’d be happier with the end result. Kitties might not like being sequestered but they won’t want to be walking on wet, icky plaster crap either. 

I think my project plate has grown once again. I have a list that will, no doubt, keep me busy. 

Doors and hardware


First of all, stupid tumblr didn’t let me post this this morning on my phone :(. 

So, different door woes this time. I had sort of decided that I would slowly replace my 6 panel doors. It would be based on priority, with the wonky 2nd bath first since it doesn’t look like it was installed correctly. Last night, I discovered, thanks to Floyd and Puck wrestling around, that the master bath doesn’t close. It shuts but doesn’t click shut. 

The spare bath definitely needs to be replace so hello, prehung door. I think I will need a prehung for the other bathroom but the rest, I think I can get away with slab doors. 

The three panel, raised Craftsman door is what I’m looking at. I wanted the 5 panel ones but they don’t match the house. If this was a mid-century house, I think it would work better. With the modern door fixtures I’m planning to get, I think it will give it nice touch. Hopefully the handles are ninja kitten proof too. 

My project list gets reshuffled and shuffled again. I am definitely going to get at least one new door, depopcorn the secondary bath ceiling and maybe do that patch of brown above the tub shower surround. I’ll add the green as well as lighting later. 

Spare Bath ideas

Spare bath reno ideas. 

I don’t think I’ll do EVERYTHING this fall/winter but it is giving me ideas. Here is the current look. And the Inspiration is from the current Ikea catalog. I want to do something modern to that spare bath. 

I can definitely depopcorn and repaint the ceiling this year. That won’t take but a weekend. The paint swatches are there. I’m going for a bright green and white bathroom with brown accents. Not sure how much brown I’ll add to it but the offwhite is not going to be trim color. My initial idea is to half the bathroom so it is green up top and white on the bottom with just a little bit of brown paint maybe the area above the tub and possibly a stripe of brown too. 

I’m leaning towards the bottom left (Spring Green) with Marcapone as the off white color. The brown is the same as the color in the spare room (Stone Brown) – all Benjamin Moore.

Of course the vanity and medicine cabinet will need to go. I just need to find what I’m looking for but this might take one or 2 season’s of work.  

Project Plans for this Year

I’m keeping my plans minimal this year since I busted my butt in painting and stuff last year.

I want to change out the facade of my fireplace and instead of the black slate tile, I want a mosaic pattern, maybe with some recycled glass and tile mix. 

I want to replace my office door with a glass one so I’ll be looking at the Habitat store on a regular basis. 

Maybe start changing out the door fixtures, starting with the office. 

Maybe some more art shopping to add to the decor. 

Next year, I’ll start on flooring, most likely and then definitely do some yard stuff.