Ceiling Project – Day 1

Weekend project – day one

I didn’t start scraping today until after 1 and managed to get half way. It was hard work because I took down the lights and turned the breaker off in order to spray and scrape.

Well, it was a stormy day so my lack of light started to me an issue in the late afternoon (when I usually get sun). Tomorrow I’ll do the other side and while I’m scraping, I’m going to texture the scraped side. I figure any dust that gets on that paint will add to the texture as there were parts where they came off in sheets. 

Tomorrow’s side will also have my back to the windows so that means I’ll have better vision. 

Bought some pipes this morning and had to degrease them before spray painting them. I used a flat black. I think many of the DIY sites I saw used glossy but I thought the flat black would add to the aged look. 

And the last pic? Well during one of the thunderstorms, a deer appeared in my backyard. I was shocked but Floyd and Puck not so much. Made me wonder if this was a normal occurrence. 

Speaking of F&P, they supervised, for the most part. They were quite fascinated with the plastic and tore around the room as I was prepping. 

The icky stuff that fell (mostly) on the tarps and the carpet didn’t faze them at all either. They’re not good painter buddies. :-/ Ceiling fan is all but done. The ugly looking thing is down. I just need a downrod which I’ll pick up tomorrow. 


My current projects

I will be starting my popcorn project tomorrow. 

At the same time I’m scraping that stuff off, I’ll be finishing up on spray painting the ceiling fan. 

Also, since my Expedit units are detached from the wall, I’m going to be beginning the pipe shelving idea. I even have a list of plumbing supplies I’ll be buying tomorrow when I go to grab paint. 

While I’m not starting it this weekend, I am still looking at fabric. I actually went to fabric stores today and looked/touched different materials. Sadly, I think all the cute stuff I had been drooling over won’t work. I need a canvas type material for durability and be Floyd and Puck resistant. 


It wasn’t exactly what I was initially looking for…a coral & teal print, I love the design. It’s modern and retro at the same time. PLUS, the price isn’t right. Hopefully they’ll have enough for me to buy. 

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll be blogging the progress this weekend. 🙂

Too much Wicker is Too Much


So I have 2 of these wicker storage containers that are really roomy but is too wickery.

I was looking at DIY ideas for ottomans and I think I will repurpose them by adding batting and some cool, retro inspired velvet fabric.

This way, I won’t have the need to hide them.

Best thing is I won’t need to sew because I suck at it :).

This actually should have been on this blog instead of my other one. DOH!

Pallet talk

My brain is just abuzz with ideas now using pallets.

Now that I know how to weather wood, I can use them all over the house – clad my entry wall, use as shelves for the pipe shelf plan, outdoor living space…

I can get them for free and work on them slowly. I DO need to get a reciprocating saw tho.

I love the idea of repurposing something that otherwise goes to landfills. Total win!

Closet Door done!

One door complete!

Most of the interior doors will be this raised, 3 panel style eventually. It was painted with Benjamin Moore Advance (alkyd paint) Satin in Wrought Iron. The trim is Benjamin Moore Advance in Super White. 

The door hardware is from Emtek – Stuttgard with square rosettes. As I was installing them tonight, I kept thinking to myself how I should have just gotten round rosettes because lining the square so it was straight was not easy.

This was the closet door. I have the spare bath one half painted in the garage. 

I’m also planning to paint the other doors the Wrought Iron, even though I’ll be replacing them. At least they’ll all be uniform in color in the meantime. 

It looks like I’ll need 2 solid core slab doors for the 2 other bedrooms and one hollow core one for the linen closet. 

The other doors will be barn door style. 

That leaves a cool front door and the one to the garage. I think with the door to the garage, I’ll just paint it so it is no longer the gloss white with the smudges. 

Love this brand of door hardware

I discovered Emtek door hardware today. They feel heavier than Schlage which had been my choice.

I also discovered that I wasn’t THAT keen on the Century handleset with Latitude levers. I hadn’t seen it at the big box stores but was able to see and touch them at BMC (a builders supply store). They felt too squared off but at the same time, not hefty enough, which I’d want, for security. 

Emtek on the other hand, felt significantly weightier. The Stuttgart levers are tubular and had the option of either the round or square rosette. I’m going for the square. Most of it will need to be special ordered, I believe because there are so many combinations available. 

The sales guy said Baldwin was actually even more expensive (I guess their big box line is a lower grade?) but thought Emtek had better quality.

Yes, I’m picky since I really want a sleek, modern look but I think in the end, I’ll be very happy. 

Baby steps…lots of baby steps.