My Tetra Pak Lamp

Over a year ago, I came across this article and thought it was a neat way to reuse items that would normally be thrown in recycling or the trash.

I did some research on how to create it and even found a page on Facebook that showed others creating neat lighting fixtures made of tetra paks.

So I attempted the sphrere but it was becoming blobby and I sort of lost my count on the circle so I gave up on it. Doing this origami thing wasn’t easy but I kept collecting the containers. (Being in Texas, I drank a lot of coconut water over the summer, post run).

Then I tried to do a cylindrical shape but because I didn’t have the support along the sides, it kept collapsing on itself. Back to the drawing board.

So I tried again. This time, I thought an oval shape was my ideal outcome. I realized though that it was easier to create 2 hemispheres and then joined them together.

lamp 2 I took apart the fabric of an old, oval shaped lamp shade and used the skeleton as a frame for the inside. I also tried using some transparency film to give it a transluscent look but that plastic was not meant to be folded into little shapes.

By the time I was done last night, it was time to get ready for bed. I didn’t really have a chance to fluff out the shape or anything but will tonight. I might have to replace some of the plastic hexagons with tetra pak ones but that’s okay.

I love the way the light plays onto the walls. I still have lots more pieces to create another fixture which I probably will work on later.

lamp 1

Revamp of my Ceiling Fan

Celing Fan is COMPLETE!

This was my master bedroom ceiling fan. It was white and came with those frosted glass, bell shaped shades. I never used those and instead hung a home made, GIGANTIC drum shade to hide the downturn lights. 

As i finished out my office with the chandelier, I ended up switching out the ceiling fan for a smaller one knowing that I’ll end up replacing my current living room fan as I take down popcorn.

The first pic is/was the current fan – part monstrosity, part phallic symbol (?!) and very UGLY. It just brought down the whole room!

I finally took that down and it was a pain in the arse but it will find itself at the Habitat Restore soon. 

Meanwhile, I started to spray paint parts of the newer fan with Rustoleum’s Dark Steel – seriously, it is my go-to color now. My coworker likes their Oil-Rubbed Bronze and I had used it too until I discovered Dark Steel. 

I also thought of an artsy alternative to the stupid shades. My company is doing some renovations in the offices so a lot of office supplies were put in the “Free, Take Me” tables. Remember transparencies and overhead projectors? Totally dating myself but I used some for my idea. 

I borrowed the “marbled nail polish” technique for the clear plastic, opting for bold colors like the oranges and pinks with a little of the blues. I secured them with small brad thingies that are in the scrapbooking section of art stores and formed them into cones. 

After taking down the nasty popcorn and priming it, I painted a patch so I could mount the ceiling fan ASAP. LOL – yes, I’m impatient. 

Being on the fifth step of an 8ft step ladder is S-C-A-R-Y. More-so when one of the wood screws couldn’t go in with my regular drill. I had to use my impact one and the jarring really scared me. Eeps, I started sweating so bad!

I managed to get it up and wired up the downrod. Then made damn sure the thing was secure before adding the canopy. 

The next step was to hook up the wires from the motor part to the downrod. It used these funny connectors and I had to ask my neighbor for a crimping tool. (Thanks Brad!) 

Yeah, some people ask their neighbors for a cup of sugar, I ask for tools. 

Once that was done, I had to maneuver the motor part so it could hook onto the downrod.  

I turned the breaker back on after putting a lightbulb in. 



Finally added the fan blades and the rest of the bulbs and shades. 


Chihuly Inspired but with Plastic

All day today, I have been looking at cool ways to update my lighting. I was looking at marbelizing paper to make into lamp shades and stuff like that. 

Then I started thought of using paper thin plastic sheets. That led to shrinky dinks (yes, I’m dating myself). In that search, I saw that #6 plastic could be morphed into more organic shapes. They can also be painted.

Then I thought of Dale Chihuly. I am a HUGE fan ever since I went to the Glass Museum in Tacoma. 

Now I think I create inspired pieces that is cheap and probably fun to make. As potential lighting features, it would (hopefully) look like I spent a mint when I didn’t. 

Chihuly Inspired but with Plastic

More ideas for lighting

Slight change in my hall light revamp. The Sputnik-esque fixture is what I’ll be aiming for.

It’s more me and my love for mid-century modern.

Still going to reuse materials as much as possible so I’m thinking the antennae would be made of wire coat hangers.