No More Wicker!


My storage cubes/ottomans are covered :).

To make them into ottomans, I used a 2 inch foam square that was attached to a piece of plywood cut to size.

I started on the lids Saturday and fixed the corners on Sunday so they were a little neater. As you can see, Floyd approved.

Then on Sunday night I used batting to cover one of the cubes. I had intended to keep the hand holes but during the upholstering process, it became a difficult task.

For some reason, on the first cube I did, I cut each piece so there were 4 separate sides. That was stupid and I ended up using far more staples than I should have.

So I was trying to figure out how to hide the cut ends today and realized I had some hemming tape. I made fabric “ribbons” (I don’t speak fabric) and then used more tape to adhere them on the seams.

Then I ran out of said tape and ran to the fabric store for more. At this point I wanted to be done working with canvas. Yeah that was a thick fabric to work with but it’s durable.

The second cube took less time and I used one piece for the sides. For the seam I just used one of those ribbon thingies to hide the staples.

They are now basically done. I do need to finish the edges with some sort of ribbon (actual ribbon) or something (maybe in coral?).

Then for the bottom, I want to get some of that black fabric that you see underneath furniture. Once I get floors done, I’ll put little felt pads under as well.

For the handles, I will use the fabric and stitch them on. I can do very basic stuff like that. 🙂


Retro Stereo Console


Sears Solid State Stereo Console/Credenza/Sideboard – Via

This is sort of what I’m looking for.

New idea

If I find an old stereo console and it’s cheap, I’m buying it to repurpose into a credenza for my office.

I think it would be a cool piece to put my router and backup HD and still provide some storage. 🙂

Edited – I guess I also needed to add (mainly for my sake) that the legs of the piece is important. I want the tapered legs. It also means the thing can’t end up weighing a ton.

Proposed Pipe Shelving Design

Pipe shelving idea –

With my Ikea Expedit shelves. I’m liking the offset idea and that will work just as easily as the first version.

Fabric Quest for Storage Ottoman

So the past day or so, I’ve been looking online at vintage fabrics/curtains/bedspreads etc that I could repurpose as an ottoman cover. 

I think I was too hung up on the fabric and trying to settle for what I could buy at a fabric store. 

I have ideas of what I want. I want something that has a retro vibe in either aqua or teal and coral. I love those colors together especially when it is in some cool retro/mod type fabric.

This one is a bit on the kitschy side but I like the saturation of color.

Eventually, once I get new couches, my intent is to have pillows made of coral fabric and whatever blue color I end up with – solids, vintage patterns, etc. 🙂 


Too much Wicker is Too Much


So I have 2 of these wicker storage containers that are really roomy but is too wickery.

I was looking at DIY ideas for ottomans and I think I will repurpose them by adding batting and some cool, retro inspired velvet fabric.

This way, I won’t have the need to hide them.

Best thing is I won’t need to sew because I suck at it :).

This actually should have been on this blog instead of my other one. DOH!

My Chandelier is Done and it Works!


So originally I wanted a chandelier for my master bedroom so I went thrift store shopping.

After black gloss paint I realized I needed my ceiling fan at night. A tower fan just wasn’t enough. Quickly rethought the project and opted to add it in my office.

As I mentioned in an earlier progression post, gloss paint was not a forgiving color so I sprayed satin nickel over it lightly. It looks like dark steel but has slightly more dimension because of the black underneath.

As I was finishing up, I realized I needed some sort of medallion thing for added flair. Big box medallions were blah.

I thought hubcaps, saw blades…anything that would be of visual interest.

Went to a flea market yesterday and they had a 8mm projector on sale. That was when it hit me…I didn’t find just a reel there so I went to South Congress knowing it would be there somewhere.

“Off the Wall” had one with film and a canister for $20. Spray painted it so there were subtle touches of pink but it was mostly dark steel. Had to get that center hole bigger to fit the lighting hardware and that took sweat and a lot of cursing.

Needed to get a couple more flame tip LED bulbs too.

Took down the old ceiling fan and mounted the thing up. Tested it with one bulb to make sure I wired it correctly…there were no black or white wires – just a smooth one and a ribbed one.

Once I hung it, I tried it and realized how glaring the white was on the bulbs.

Taped them up and sprayed them so they matched the “candle sticks”.

I also shortened the light by leaving the brass ball off. It was less weight too.

As far as bling, I might add just a few but it doesn’t have to be outrageously ornate now.

I created light!!!