New (old) Accent Chair



I found this on Craigslist yesterday and really liked the lines of the chair and ottoman.

They were asking $80 due to some watermarks on the fabric from cleaning it wrong. The lady had it in her guest room but was wanting to get rid of it so she could convert her room to a nursery.

I have to admit, I had been very hesitant in buying upholstered furniture but since this was in her existing house and not laying on a curb somewhere, I was a little more comfortable about bringing it home. Plus, after talking to her, I asked if she wanted to part with it for $60 and she said yes.

I brought it home and sprayed it with Lysol. It looks really cool in the living room and eventually I’ll reupholster it (or have it reupholstered) in an aqua or turquoise fabric. Meanwhile, the boys are curious about it and not avoiding it altogether (always a good sign).

Not sure if this is true vintage as the lady stated in the ad. It’s really comfy and has a retro look with chrome legs – totally fits my decor.






Console for my Office

I picked this bad boy up today (as you can see, Puck is inspecting it) for $60 for the office.


The old stereo console I bought last year turned out to require more work than I was wanting to do (the bottom was rotted out so the legs were wobbly).

The slide doors need to be replaced so I’m thinking acrylic work maybe some metal in the middle.

The frame has already been spray painted since the metal was badly tarnished.



The trigger thing is awesome, by the way.

Retro table refinish

When I bought this a couple weeks ago, there were some signs of wear so I needed to prep it for a new paint job.


I stripped most of the paint off.


Then primed it with a spray primer. I ran into some problems when I ran out just as I was adding primer coat #2. 😦 Luckily I had some flat black primer in the garage. (I’m hoping I won’t regret using that).

Just brushed on the first coat of high gloss paint- Benjamin Moore white heron. The second coat will be rolled on with a sponge roller.


Also, I managed to get absolutely MAULED by bugs while working in my garage.

Retro find!

I am now the happy owner of this table!

I saw it on Craigslist for $40 and ended up paying $30.

I don’t know if it is authentic mid-century modern but it has that retro look that will look awesome in my office.

I will need to re-paint and will keep the white but maybe use gloss finish for that glam feel.


Retro Stereo Console


Sears Solid State Stereo Console/Credenza/Sideboard – Via

This is sort of what I’m looking for.

New idea

If I find an old stereo console and it’s cheap, I’m buying it to repurpose into a credenza for my office.

I think it would be a cool piece to put my router and backup HD and still provide some storage. 🙂

Edited – I guess I also needed to add (mainly for my sake) that the legs of the piece is important. I want the tapered legs. It also means the thing can’t end up weighing a ton.

Retro Door

Sneak peek –

This door will be my new masterbath door and it’ll be hung barndoor style.

I’m also going to go monochromatic for now and go with Rock Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Once again, my friend Sanders chose well.

I scored at the Habitat Store!


Habitat Re-Store! Spent $25 for 2 doors – the yellow one and a plain slab door.