Spare Bath has a Paint Job!

I had been debating a color scheme for the spare bath for a while and decided I wanted to have a peacock bluish color. I found that color with Benjamin Moore’s Slate Teal after a week of looking at different swatches. (The color will also be in the spare bedroom either as an accent wall or all 4 walls—not sure just yet.)

The first coat went on yesterday afternoon and I quickly realized I would need two coats to get the color right but it was really hot in there so I decided I’ll continue the next day.

photo 1

The second coat worked wonders and the bathroom looks really good. I cut the paint along the ceiling line and went around the shower too.

photo 2

I don’t like the brown accessories I currently have but it’ll stay for the time being. Plus I need to figure out the tile around the tub first before I go with a curtain rod or door or ??.

First and foremost is my medicine cabinet which is WAY too big for the size of the room.

  (Of course, this was the pic before I changed out the lighting.)

I have one in mind right now that would work nicely in that room.

Revamped Spare Bath Ceiling

I decided to repaint my spare bath ceiling from BM’s Ceiling White to a mixture of Dolphin (from my living room ceiling) and leftover Ceiling White.

Ever since I painted my vaulted ceiling an actual color, I wanted to do the same to some rooms. The spare bath was a good place to start because of the size and because it is a work in progress.

This was a pic after I had scraped the popcorn off last year.


Here is the ceiling as I started to practice my paint cutting skills.


About a half hour in:


I still got some paint on the walls but it wasn’t bad. It took an hour and I might need to touch some spots up but it is pretty much done.


Next room to get a new ceiling will be the dining room. It’ll be easier to paint it too since there is ventilation. I don’t mind touching up some spots on the wall but I don’t want to repaint the whole wall :).

Hello new light!

My lighting project

I took out the vanity light fixture in the spare bath. Then, I saw that there was no junction box like it was supposed to.

So, I decided to add it myself and was slightly deterred by my coworker that insisted I needed to call an electrician to do it. I mean, I can understand if it was to pull new wire but this was basically cutting a hole in the drywall and installing the box. I got the one with the tabs but the tabs fell as I was putting it on. I hate those things so I ended up getting another one that seems more secure – along with anchor screws for the fixture. The stuff they supply in the kits are weak.

It is up now and looks pretty cool – modern but a little retro at the same time. I still need to fix the wall around it which I’ll do when it comes time to paint. 

Light for Spare Bath?

I think I found my lighting solution for my spare bath. As you can see from the picture, the current light fixture is fairly low which leaves a huge empty space above. I think I found my lighting solution

The height is 10 inches which would give the needed height. I also wanted something that was a little more unique than what you’d see in the big box stores. The conical shape is what caught my eye. 

I’m gonna mull it over for a bit first though. 🙂

Spare Bath ideas

Spare bath reno ideas. 

I don’t think I’ll do EVERYTHING this fall/winter but it is giving me ideas. Here is the current look. And the Inspiration is from the current Ikea catalog. I want to do something modern to that spare bath. 

I can definitely depopcorn and repaint the ceiling this year. That won’t take but a weekend. The paint swatches are there. I’m going for a bright green and white bathroom with brown accents. Not sure how much brown I’ll add to it but the offwhite is not going to be trim color. My initial idea is to half the bathroom so it is green up top and white on the bottom with just a little bit of brown paint maybe the area above the tub and possibly a stripe of brown too. 

I’m leaning towards the bottom left (Spring Green) with Marcapone as the off white color. The brown is the same as the color in the spare room (Stone Brown) – all Benjamin Moore.

Of course the vanity and medicine cabinet will need to go. I just need to find what I’m looking for but this might take one or 2 season’s of work.