Window treatment for Guest Room

Weekend Project #1 – (Friday)

For the spare room I did away with the vertical blinds. 

I totally messed up and will be replacing said blinds eventually since they don’t go down all the way – I cut the strings too short. BUT for now, they work and give some more privacy AND allow the kittens to hang. 

Artsy idea for spare room

Instead of the traditional headboard for the spare room, I searched high and low for something different. Had some fun ideas but opted for displaying more pictures in a slightly different way – acrylic. 

These were photos that I took before I moved to Austin. I was at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma and this was the ceiling of a bridge designed by Chihuly. 

I found a company online that can do the acrylic photos with the standoff mounting hardware which you can see in the last photo. It looks absolutely awesome but it is a bit spendy. If I get more of my photos done, they’ll be bigger pieces and maybe go on either side of the plasma TV.