I Figured Out the Electrical

The good news is I figured out the problem. The timer switch I bought was 20A and it replaced a 15A. Plus, the paired switch in the garage was also 15A. Granted, I’m not an electrician but it made sense why it didn’t work.

The bad news was I didn’t figure it out until early this morning. This after having a rough night sleeping since I was paranoid I somehow messed up on the wiring.

When I looked at the package to confirm, it said 20 amps in teeny, tiny letters. The good news was I DID do the wiring correctly… it just didn’t realize the amperage was off. When I got back from running, I switched back to the standard light switches and they immediately worked. :-/

Unfortunately, the orange big-box store doesn’t carry any 15 amp ones and must be ordered online (and it wouldn’t be here until near the end of the month). The blue big-box stores don’t carry any.

I ended up buying one and using my Prime membership so it will be here early this week. It is by Leviton and was one of a handful that worked with CFL bulbs. I was going to go with Honeywell but they only are incandescent and halogen compatible :(.

On one hand, I’m glad I figured it out. On the other, I wasted my afternoon yesterday AND got bitten by a slew of mosquitos while working on this stupid project.

I should have gotten paint and painted instead.

And yes, that is a bit of a rant – my words were a lot more colorful this morning.