Sometimes, Bigger isn’t Always Better

The storage trunk I bought months ago turned out to be a bust. Not only was it a little TOO big for the room (especially considering the tanker desk still isn’t ready yet), but I couldn’t get rid of the mothball odor.

I tried Fabreeze, Lysol, baking soda, 2 cans of coffee grinds before I brought it outside to strip off the fabric and prime it. Then I painted over it with the intention of covering it with fabric or contact paper. I never got that far, because the smell never left. In fact, all the other substances just seemed to add to the mothball scent.

I started to look once more for a ) a smaller size trunk b) one that didn’t smell.

I managed to find one. It was a little more spendy than the one I bought but was in much better condition than the one I had before. And it was metal footlocker type trunk.


A much more manageable size when looking at them side by side.

I switched the wheels over to the smaller trunk and brought it into the office. It was definitely a much better proportion than the one before. (Puck had to inspect it, of course.)

IMG_4471 IMG_4472

Compared to the trunk before:


It will need a little work on the inside since it has some contact paper liner that is not quite my style. 😉