Vaulted Ceiling is DONE!

Final day of my ceiling project and I’m proud to say, I’m done.

I included a before pic (realtor photo) to show how it was when I first moved in.

I probably could have not done this marathon, crazy lady project work but I was really motivated to get rid of that popcorn stuff. Plus when I threw the primer/texture paint, it looked sort of blushy purple. Um, yeah…no.

The middle pic – I was nearly done and wanted to snap a pic before it got dark. -Like the last pic. And yes…I was lazy and didn’t want to disassemble the ceiling fan so I fashioned a drape over it. 🙂

I’m still not entirely done… as you can see from the last photo, I still need to touch up the walls and the side walls (non-vaulted sides) will be repainted to full strength Flora. Currently, it is 50% less intense. Painting the walls will be CAKE after this! LOL. The big TV won’t go up until that is done. (MOTIVATION!)

One thing I did realize when I got done was I probably need to rethink the flooring…at the very least, for the main living area. I need to do a bit lighter or else it’ll look like I live underground or something. 🙂

Oh, I also realized, from looking at the old listing photos that I had installed the vents backwards nearly 2 years ago when I spray painted them. WOW, what a difference in putting them the right direction!

Now for that yuck job of cleaning. :-/


Musing about My Ceiling

Vaulted ceiling

Since I’ll be removing the popcorn later this month, I started to think about the paint color.

Should I go with the white all over?

Should I paint the beam a different color?

Should I paint the entire ceiling a different color than white?

I don’t think I could go wrong with any of the answers though I am, dare I say it, liking the third option and do a dark color.

It would work with the high ceilings and probably hide a lot of the potential flaws from scraping.

Would it flow though since the rest of the house has white? I think since there are breaks/partitions, it could potentially work?

I think I know where I need to go this weekend. Sanders, I hope you have some ideas.