Office Wishlist

I think this would be awesome for a desk. I’d get one that I could refinish of course.

I love the idea of having a retro tanker desk in my office but I don’t think the double pedestal one would work so I’d have to go for the single which still isn’t bad. 🙂

I don’t have the space to get one now but hopefully will and take my time in restoring it.



It’s not ordered yet but I think I’m going to be getting this Couch. The shop would be able to order the couch with these metal legs –Marcel Sofa Legs 

It would be $60 extra but that seems to make the couch pop.

This would be the fabric I’d get it in – Fabric – it is a microfiber – very durable (120,000 double rubs) and done with a flannel like texture – really cool.

I’ll be ordering this with my tax return. 🙂

Fireplace Planning

Fireplace Plans

First pic shows the fireplace but I have gotten rid of the brassy doors so it is just the mesh. 

I drew out measurements yesterday (rough sketches and measurements) knowing I had pretty much decided on my flooring (YAY!)

Then my flooring guy helped me on deciding on the tile. Crossville Bluestone series – Pennsylvania Bluestone – it’s ceramic and uses a minimum of 20% recycled content. 

So last night I was thinking up ideas to update the fireplace. I didn’t want to just remove tile and slap on new tile over it. The opportunity is there to totally revamp that space. A part of me has been hesitant in doing a total makeover mainly because I have this really weird, pattern/texture on my wall (my magenta wall shows the detail better because of the glaze over it). I am not a fan, which is why I’m really sticking to the matte finish that weird texture isn’t as visible from a distance. 

Then it occurred to me that I could to a totally different texture on the wall and even though it would be the same wall color, it would accent the space. 

Before I sketched out the plans, I looked at ideas and I *think* I could, if I research more, is to have the texture of poured concrete to give a subtle, industrial feel. I think it is possible with some sort of plaster application but I’ll research more. 

So the final 2 pics are my plans. Both are similar in that the area will have that concrete texture and the tile will only be on the façade and not the sides. 

The first idea would be VERY ambitious. I’d be adding narrow “walls” to each side so that the fireplace would no longer have that “cut-out” look. I’d have to stud, drywall, tape – possible even mud before I get started. If I’m REALLY ambitious with this project, I could see myself wanting to recess the baseboards so it is nearly invisible and the drywall “floats” above the floor. I’ve seen a few pics of this and it looks pretty cool. But like I said, this is the most ambitious of the 2 plans.

The second one also removes the tiles from the sides and the tile would actually give the fireplace more of a surround feel. In this particular plan, I was using 6×6 tiles so it wouldn’t require cutting. I’d also shorten the hearth if that is a possibility (but not a deal breaker). 

For the mantle, in plan 1, I could either use a floating system or have it framed because the space is there.

In the 2nd one, it would float on the wall. (not sure how to attach it securely though. 

Retro Stereo Console


Sears Solid State Stereo Console/Credenza/Sideboard – Via

This is sort of what I’m looking for.

New idea

If I find an old stereo console and it’s cheap, I’m buying it to repurpose into a credenza for my office.

I think it would be a cool piece to put my router and backup HD and still provide some storage. 🙂

Edited – I guess I also needed to add (mainly for my sake) that the legs of the piece is important. I want the tapered legs. It also means the thing can’t end up weighing a ton.

Sofa Idea

It might not come from C&B but this is the style sofa I’m looking at. LOVE the tapered legs – totally screams MCM. I also want the tufted back and they would have to be attached…none of the loosey goosey type pillow backs. 

Regardless where I get the couch, I want a soft grey, faux suede (microsuede or whatever it’s called). For the decorative pillows, I’m seeing geometric pattern with either corals or teal blue. I’m thinking coral so I can do the throws in the teal color. 

But yeah, that’s my plan. I don’t think I’d do a sectional. As much as I want one, I also like the idea of moving stuff around. Sofa, loveseat and then something like an oversize chair with ottoman or a chaise that I can park near the fireplace when it gets cold. 

Sofa Idea

Pallet talk

My brain is just abuzz with ideas now using pallets.

Now that I know how to weather wood, I can use them all over the house – clad my entry wall, use as shelves for the pipe shelf plan, outdoor living space…

I can get them for free and work on them slowly. I DO need to get a reciprocating saw tho.

I love the idea of repurposing something that otherwise goes to landfills. Total win!