Stump Table Update

Table update

I got more sand paper so I took some of that top layer off the trunk today. It was also to make sure I didn’t have any potential splinters.

I just added a first coat of very strong black tea. Like 3 family size bags for a quart of water strong.

I think it is bringing out some of the reds which is nice.

In the meantime, I’ve got a mason jar with steel wool and vinegar.

I should get a coat tomorrow and see if there’s a chemical reaction.

I Should Have Done This

I really should start thinking outside the box instead of going to the big box store and picking up some minwax stain.

THIS was what I was trying to achieve…something that didn’t look new. Something that showed character.

So I’ll be sanding down my stump table tonight and opting for this method. Luckily I did buy a water based stain and haven’t poly sealed it.

The nerdy scientist in me likes that by introducing the steel wool-vinegar mixture, it will produce a reaction to the tea that varies depending on the wood.

I Should Have Done This

New Idea for a Project

Future table

I had gotten this cedar stump last summer and had wrapped sisal rope around it. It was going to be a scratching post for the kitties.

They don’t use it other than to jump onto it and then onto another piece of furniture.

I will be sanding the top and staining it soon to make into a side table. I don’t know if I’ll add legs to it or not it is a pretty good height and fits my laptop. Not much else but it could be a cool piece of furniture. 🙂

This should be pretty easy…sand/plane the top smooth, stain and seal.