2012-13 home projects

I am going to try and just stick to 2 major projects this year. Phase 1 of spare bath will include de-popcorning and maybe start on a couple walls. It will span a couple years most likely since it involves flooring (tile – Emser Sakai is the top choice).

Project number 2 is the fireplace surround that will also include new doors. The current set isn’t a good seal.

If I get a miter saw and nail gun, I can be a little more creative.

Spare Bath ideas

Spare bath reno ideas. 

I don’t think I’ll do EVERYTHING this fall/winter but it is giving me ideas. Here is the current look. And the Inspiration is from the current Ikea catalog. I want to do something modern to that spare bath. 

I can definitely depopcorn and repaint the ceiling this year. That won’t take but a weekend. The paint swatches are there. I’m going for a bright green and white bathroom with brown accents. Not sure how much brown I’ll add to it but the offwhite is not going to be trim color. My initial idea is to half the bathroom so it is green up top and white on the bottom with just a little bit of brown paint maybe the area above the tub and possibly a stripe of brown too. 

I’m leaning towards the bottom left (Spring Green) with Marcapone as the off white color. The brown is the same as the color in the spare room (Stone Brown) – all Benjamin Moore.

Of course the vanity and medicine cabinet will need to go. I just need to find what I’m looking for but this might take one or 2 season’s of work.  

New window treatment for office

Final project for the weekend – 

No more vertical blinds in the house whatsoever – YAY!

I didn’t mess this one up this time and it goes all the way down. 

Weekend projects complete and achievement points unlocked. 

Replaced new light

Home Improvement Project – part deux

My pull chain light in my closet quit on me Monday and I didn’t have time to deal with it until the weekend. 

I’d LOVE to have a regular switch light but that won’t be anytime soon. For now, it works.